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Syrias Trouble in the Middle East

Yesterday Syria used white phosphorus against a rebel position and a large battle took place in Lebanon, not in Syria.  Yesterday NATO finished putting up anti-missile defenses along the border; today in an apparent response, Russia provided so-called “Iskander” missiles that cannot be shot down by missile defenses to Syria.  This is significant because Russia was expected to perhaps back down from its pro-Syria stance after it surfaced that Syria has prepared some of its Sarin gas for use in bombs and has (as of yesterday) loaded those chemicals onto bombs.  You should all be watching Syria very closely, this just gets worse.  

Furthermore, today 30 Syrian rebel groups gathered together and formed a council that excluded Jihadist groups.  This will help to facilitate the trade of arms from European nations, because France has announced an intent to provide weapons to Syrian rebels, bending EU authorization.  

This conflict is getting crazier by the day.  40,000 people have already died, and many hundreds of thousands have fled the country.  Where this will end, I have no idea, but if Syria ends up gassing a rebel city, there will almost certainly have to be a response from the US or US allies.  


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